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of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday urged the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to drop its planned satellite launch, terming the move as a threat to regional securit

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ns, was called as a "Dump Trump" rally. Currently, about 17 presidential candidates are trying hard to seek the nomination of the Republican Party, and Trump, an American real est

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see it. Nobody has seen it. We're doing it. This is work in progress," Cannon said. Both Russia and Canada claim the North Pole. Moscow says the underwater Lomonosov Ridge, which e

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m in the gallery since the trial began, and Thursday bowed their heads frequently during Brauchler's 40-minute closing argument. Brauchler used a PowerPoint presentation to punctu

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to Americans who cannot currently afford healthcare. The Conservative Action Alerts organization launched a campaign before the April 15 Tax Day to ask Americans to send letters,

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a statement on the House floor, Rangel apologized to his fellow House members for putting them in an embarrassing position, but argued his mistakes were not severe enough to war

闻舞蹈女生脚臭文 -女朋友说给前男友舔过

U.S. Republican Party's presumed presidential nominee Mitt Romney's stance of cutting taxes by another 5 trillion dollars to benefit Americans including the wealthiest. With less