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ice in Cuba. "More than just changing the appearance of taxis, the new scheme forms part of an operating model that changes the companies' structures, their administrative personn


onmental Forecasting Center said a wave about 1.8 meters high has been detected along the Chilean coast, 85 km from the epicenter, at about 5 p.m. (Beijing Time). Related: Backgrou.


a, before being transported by truck from the southern town of Bani to the capital Santo Domingo, DNCD chief Rolando Rosado Mateo told a press conference. The Dominican Republic, .


and insecurity that had already existed in the country before the quake. Fears of looting and violence keep aid groups and governments from moving as quickly as they expect. Staff a.


ind gusts, the institute said. In the next 24 or 48 hours, experts said, Ernesto is expected to continue moving west while decreasing its speed. Current forecasts show it would pos.

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gation had set out before dawn Wednesday to an unnamed location in southern Caqueta that the leftist rebels had designated for the handover. The humanitarian delegation was compos.

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ady) Michelle and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Richard Holbrooke, a true giant of American foreign policy who has made America stronger, safer, and more respected," Ob.

respondents approved of the way the president is handling terrorism and foreign affairs, a stark contrast from the 37 percent of participants who gave him thumbs down for how he i.

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